Hygiene Line_Desk Mounted Acrylic Glass Protection Screens with side panels

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Hygiene Line desk mounted protection screens in acrylic glass with side protection panels...

A mobile, spit, cough & sneeze protection counter and desk divider, perfect for store’s cash desks & check out
counters. Enables physical distancing between people but allows goods and objects to be handed over thanks to a
20 cm height hatch. Increases hygiene and safety for customers and employees.

• Ideal for receptions, pharmacies, medical practices, bakeries
• Serves as spit & sneeze protection, prevents droplet infection
• Silver anodised aluminium frame with sturdy stands & crossbeam for better stability
• Available with easy-to-clean surfaces (suitable for disinfectants) and 4 sizes
• Easy to assemble (includes mounting kit)

Lead time - 3 - 7 days (approx)