'Maestro' D-End Circular Meeting Points

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'Momento' D End Circular Meeting Points -

Desktop extension tables are ideal for creating additional working space or adding a meeting area to the end of desk clusters. D-end tables are supplied with brackets to connect to 25mm desking ranges, available in multiple desktop finish options and leg colours to match desk ranges.


  • 25mm desktops available in beech, maple, oak, walnut and white
  • Available with graphite, silver and white support legs to match desk ranges
  • Can also be used at end of 2 x 600mm straight desks to create a meeting space
  • Circular desk high extension tables 1045mm deep which attach with supplied brackets
  • Ideal for use with back-to-back ergonomic desks to maximise desk space
  • Not recommended for sitting on

Lead Time - 7-10 Days (approx)

120.00 (cm)
72.50 (cm)
105.00 (cm)